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Money Chaser was founded in 2015 to help regular social media users turn their usage into money. At Money Chaser, our main goal is simple; help as many people as possible change their lives by taking advantage of social media. Big influencers are already making millions on social media so why can’t you. Sure they have big followings, but there are other ways to make money without big followings. Popular Youtubers make tons of money because they have sponsors, if you are just starting out, Money Chaser is a great way to connect with tons of sponsors. You can call your subscribers register on our platform and work directly with our sponsored apps, surveys & products.

Money Chaser doesn’t try to cut you short by paying you pennies. We pay you for what your traffic is worth, which is ALOT. This way, virtually anyone can earn. Doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 100k followers. The only thing that matters is that you have certain amount of people (friends or even fans) that are ready to register under you and complete some of our simple tasks.

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Money Chaser

With over $14M paid to over 300k members, Money Chaser has been named the #1 influencer network.
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We provide stats & analytics to help you earn more on Money Chaser!
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Money Chaser is available to everyone worldwide. We currently have members from over 150 different countries.
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We have the top support in the industry. Enjoy 24 hour support by our amazing team helping with any problems or concerns.